Wedding Circle Spectacular Gala in Athens

February 15, 2020




A three-day event organized by the enfant gâté of the Greek wedding industry in Athens. Wedding Circle Congress and Gala night was a top-notch networking experience, and we consider it as an honor to be a part of it. Selected by the organizers and the producers of this congress, to undertake the backstage video, the speeches videos, the gala and party video and the Masterclass video of the famous Wedding Designer Joy Proctor took place in Island at the Athenian Riviera.


In order to create a visual effect of fantasy, the thinkers of the congress used some of the most extravagant installations from day one till the last one! Table-top rentals from White Lilac, tigers, dogs, panthers and a selection of chairs and wedding mirror tables by Zazoo Event Rentals to fall for! Using techniques that may be considered as extraordinary for some-different types and tones of red/white/blue lights and led lamps arranged in many ceiling installations in groups of angles. A human chess and card setting in the center of Box Athens, drums, violins, and live music apart from the MAV Awards!


The-12-Events and DeplanV destination wedding planners, anchored the area with their center ceiling chandelier and cage, while serving some mouthwatering finger food below. It is visible that the planning and design team followed a chimera of illumination, with a concept that broke through the imagination. -Our video curation has explained. Thus, not only bringing a futuristic experience to the Wedding Circle attendees, but also endowing the creative vendors behind it, with the potential of becoming a creative and artistic symbol, in creating such events. Imagine a futuristic, glamorous, luxury destination wedding party video like this! It’s just another lifetime masterpiece.