Luxury Two Day Destination Wedding In Greece

October 18, 2018

Through the Mediterranean blue and region across the apocryphal line which connects the history of two of the most unique ancient civilizations. That history and the mysteries enclosed, got through ages and inspired the Sherif and Medhat to reveal their riddle of dreams, through the contemporary illustration of the marriage rite. Their destination wedding happen to take place in Athens Riviera, and we were more than happy to accompany them, as their destination wedding cinematographers!


Wedding Planner, Vasso Vantali, achieved to capture what the couple have dreamed of, and unveiled those two of the most paramount nights of their epoch. Balux Seaside, Athens beach wedding venue, hosted their pre-wedding party. The flames of the prewedding party warmed up the light summer breeze of that night, and let it travel all through the Athenian Riviera shore.


There she stands, The Queen of the day, at Margi Hotel, with her brides mates, getting prepared for the new union with her beloved one. The last nights’ flames, orange-kissed the bride’s veil and flattered the feelings of family and friends, who shared their love and joy next to the Athenian blue of the Island Private House. That wedding party venue, was embroidered with delicate aim rather lavish, yet elegant, with white detailed pinches which powdered the night with freshness and joy.


Who could not say that ancient civilizations do not combine, and stay alive through ages? Who could not state that there is a contemporary illustration of that combination, on that destination wedding in Greece?


Who could not indulge into that sentimental abundancy of those nights?