Destination Wedding in Tuscan Italy

February 4, 2020


The Italian province, rich in history and images, dotted by olive groves, centuries-old villages and rolling hills, hosts a distinctive blend of venues for a simple, romantic, and rustic destination wedding in Italy.


Our beloved friends, Nikos and Rosina travelled all over from Greece to the true heart of Tuscan, Siena, at the Sant’ Anastasia Romana church to embroider the veil of their unique marriage. By incorporating Tuscan lines, red roses, friends and family voices, they experienced the apotheosis of everyone’s wishes and love. The settlements of their Italian destination wedding could not be described better than a ‘Italian chic-stylish Ceremony’. What they and we have imagined for that special day, took place and overwhelmed everyone’s expectations despite the sweet September rain which sparkled the Tuscan sky. The rain drops like small reflections of their thoughts and prayers, fell from the Italian sky and highlighted the dawn of their wedding party.


When tradition and modernism ‘co-operate’ we achieve to enjoy as viewers and as associates, such wonderful sceneries. Above all, lovely friendship, poured out at the Italian wedding venue, Castello Delle Serre, which hosted exquisitely their beautiful gathering with their adored guests. It was just the beginning of what they have ever dreamt of, and what we succeeded to capture in that Italian destination wedding video!



Planner: Dreams In Style

Photography: Thanos Asfis

Venues: Sant’ Anastasia Romana, Castello Delle Serre