Destination Wedding In Mykonos

February 14, 2020




Having built a reputation, as a leading luxury destination wedding location, Mykonos Greek Island, emphasized once more the dreams of a couple who identified Greece, as their dreamt wedding spot! DeplanV destination wedding planner, has a footprint which meets the same parameters. A two-day destination wedding video in Mykonos, Greece, translated into a flagship experience with our expertise, showing great respect to the local context, while skyrocketing the installations of the thinkers of this wedding!


Garnering experiences from day one is what the prewedding party in Scorpios Mykonos was all about. A prewedding video in Mykonos, does not limit itself to one lens of imagination but embraces diverse interpretations of Mediterranean and Lebanese culture and customs. Couple’s background and experiences nominated the warm-up gathering and awarded all attenders with their hats of wedding glory! Casual outfits, summerish mood and music till the mic dropped! By using an open-air reception place, fine textures on the wedding gown, and pale coral wedding flowers, day two arrived in a private villa in Mykonos for the wedding ceremony, reception and party! Within the fields of the cosmopolitan and traditional white and blue colors of the villa, mirrors, fine chairs, wedding arches and key pieces for embellishment stood up!


In-between these luxury wedding references, fun, dance, tears and excitement defined the closure of our destination wedding video in Mykonos Greece! Using our gentle filming sense, we did not distinguish any of you, like actual attenders of the best wedding videos in Greece! We like to keep our website visitors mind-wandering!