Destination Wedding In Kefalonia Greek Island

February 4, 2020


When the reflection of groom’s emotions becomes wife’s inspiration, everybody is ‘on board’. They dreamed a dream in time gone by, when hope was high and their new life worth living!


Sam’s and Rosa’s imagination flew over cloudy London to sunny Greece, and made their deepest thoughts reality, during their destination wedding in Kefalonia. Green olive leaves under the sun light turn into golden, paralleling the colour of their common future. If only we could hear, what the light summer breeze whispered to the trees, and made them shatter joyfully with happiness and love!


So now, the sweetest journey is about to begin above the endless blue of Kefalonia Island. A truly gem inside the Ionian Sea, Kefallinia, encompasses the culture of an island in different forms. Rarely does a single place combine such unique attractions and sceneries that cover every spectrum of imagination. Traditional Greek musicians accompanied the bride, Rosa, with the sounds of bouzouki (Greek traditional instrument) among the stone alleys of Kefalonia, until the church, where the groom, Sam, admirably patient, was waiting for her!


After their marriage rite, a pathway leaded them to their beloved friends and family members, who ‘rained’ them with olive trees and rice, which both parallel and symbolize, the sincere wishes for an everlasting and caring life! Their wedding party venue welcomed them, to express their joy and happiness, to create the memories which will flew them back to London.