Days Of Heaven – Athens

September 23, 2020


Anna Athanasiou, behind Anna Athanasiou Events, invited us to be a part of this amazing Editorial in the heart of the city of Athens. We could not hesitate but say yes, and be a part of this cordial formation, which emphasizes our values and reconsiders our connection with each other and planet earth. We underline through our work, the fact of being open-minded and exploring our roots.

Capturing, editing, and curating such a style shoot video, evaluates our love for absorbing the history of past generations and envisioning it through our cinematography artistry. Envisioning a young black woman in a white wedding gown from our dear friend Demetra Antonea – Made Bride, over the sculptured hills of Athens, above Acropolis and its’ rural suburbs, uplifts our core of inspiration. Another film that instills pride and knowledge.

A cinematography experience as an affirmation of a grander purpose. Jim Labraco, the acknowledged floral designer managed to bind the location with the editorial details and elements, with dry flowers and palm leaves. Big handmade hats, an owl, symbolism of wisdom and the spirit animal of Athens, a white horse, symbol of stability, devotion, and friendship.

Enjoy this gift of art. It celebrates YOU, YOUR VOICE, YOUR JOY.

Please continue to remember our BEAUTY, STRENGTH and POWER.