November 17, 2019


Another destination wedding cinematography experience is here! And again, we could not bear, but share our stories with you! Now, in Paris again, for a destination cinematography experience beyond the ordinary, THE RITZ PARIS IT IS MON CHERI!

And if The Ritz is Paris and Paris is The Ritz, then Flowers are Anne Vitchen and Anne Vitchen is Flowers. If you are wondering who Anne Vitchen is, we will let you know, and of course we will explain why we refer to the Lady of Flowers of the Ritz Paris, while sharing another destination cinematography experience.

A few weeks after our style shoot at Chateau de Villette, under the planning of our dear Sofia from Sofia Crokos Events and Lifestyle, we went for another small business trip in the city of lights. A few meetings with professionals from the French wedding industry all squeezed in a weekend (we cannot share a lot info-those who met us know!), could not exclude a catch up with our dear Anne! Konstantinos (our associate) made sure the program was strict and sharp! We did spend the night at a wonderful retire hotel apartment of Saint Germaine, one of the most adorable neighborhoods in the heart of Paris.

Long story short, (croissants and palatable lunches and dinners were of course included in-text us for food advice when in Paris!) it was time for us to meet Anne at one of the most emblematic hotels in the world, The Ritz! We first met her at Chateau de Villette, and while having a brief talk when photo and video shooting, she profoundly proven to be one of the kindest and smartest personalities ever met to date. She insisted meeting us on that trip, and when friends propose to enjoy a tea or drink together, we say yes!

Ritz, is a welcoming place at Place Vendome, with warmly personnel from the moment you pass through its’ grand doors. From the moment you enter the lobby, you simultaneously enter a world, a different one, a new one, that world of refined luxury and comfortable elegance. The lady of flowers has a profoundly chic floral installation while entering the hotel. The main color of the hotel is the blue one, not every blue, but The Ritz Blue. We walked through the main corridor along the Vendome bar and Salon Proust towards the famous Boutique Corridor. There, visitors can enjoy shopping from Chanel, Tasaki, Tod’s, Prada, and other luxury firms. Since we love food, we wanted to purchase the Ritz culinary products, and trust us, Ritz pesto is the besto! (or ‘c’est superb!’)

Konstantinos says: ‘I texted Anne that we were at the Boutique, shopping some seasonings, and in a couple of minutes, we would meet her in the lobby, Anne texted back, that we should wait her in the Boutique’ and our dear Anne arrived! ‘Hellooo! These are my friends!’ she said to the lady of the boutique! Anne is adorable and we dare to say that Ritz is lucky to have in its’ team such a wonderful professional and artist! She was our guide and did show us every corner of the Hotel, where gatherings and destination weddings take place, where garden coffees and her famed master-classes stand up. The renovation of the Ritz did cost almost 300 million Euros. The attention to the detail is enormous. ‘It is probably the most expensive hotel in France and it is always overbooked’, Anne said. The place was scented with the famous Amber of the Ritz, which someone can buy in candle or perfume (it will be our next purchase when we visit Paris again). We made ourselves comfort with the private dining spot- Salon August Escoffier, L’Espadon restaurant and the Grand Staircase. In the Ritz every day, 4.000 flowers arrive, and the best floral team, under the guidance of Anne and her associate Agathe, checks and organizes every room’s floral installations. Our chatting place was the Bar Vendome, where we enjoyed a custom made champagne cocktail and some sweet treats from Francois Perret, the pastry chef of the Ritz. Anne shared with us many things, and what we can share with you is that during the fashion week in Paris, if staying at the Ritz, you may meet Anna Wintour from The Vogue, many celebrities, and if you ever happen to stay in the Chanel Suite, the only flowers you will happen to see are pale white ones!

We can talk for The Ritz experience for days, but still, it is not just the place which makes the destination cinematography experience worthy. Above all, it is the people who accompany you. If you are about to plan your destination wedding in the Ritz Paris(first make sure you hire us, as your destination wedding videographers and cinematographers in Paris), you are that lucky to have as your florist Anne Vitchen. Our dear Anne, thank you for the honor to call us your friends, looking forward to welcoming you in Greece! Bisous ma douche Anne! (And of course, thank you our dear Sofia (Crokos) for getting us in touch with Anne!)

-Hint: Sofia Crokos met Anne Vitchen when she undertook to plan and design the first wedding to take place in The Ritz after its’ renovation!

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